Sunday, January 31, 2016

Table of Contents

The following is a true-life account.  The names of the people mentioned have been changed, as has the name of the educational institution involved.  My real name is not Trevor Lenox.

Trigger Warning:  The contents of the piece, as a whole, make references to self-harm (cutting), rape, incest, and molestation. Reader discretion is advised.

Also please be aware that not all cases of untreated Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD) are like this; there is variation in cases.  Some cases are more severe than others.  If you experience any of the symptoms described herein and are disturbed by them, please seek out or return to regular mental health treatment; your well-being is paramount and you deserve to be happy and well.

The following has previously been read aloud by the YouTuber Be.Busta.  The following written work has been revised slightly from the version that he read; some of the words have been changed.  The posting of this blog was conducted by the original author who submitted the story to Be.Busta.

Chapter 1:  Innocent Beginnings (listen to it on YouTube).

Chapter 2:  The Unease (the start of Chapter 2 on YouTube, the 09:45 mark).

Chapter 3:  Her Murder Threat for Her Mother, Still on the Web As This Is Posted (the start of Chapter 3 on YouTube, the 18:59 mark).

Chapter 4:  The Danger Remains, The Concluding Chapter (the start of Chapter 4 on YouTube, the 26:59 mark).